Bayscript Yellow BR

Form supplied
Shade tolerance
+/- 5 %
yellow with a red cast
Chlorine content max. 0.1 % (1000 ppm) based on ISO 6227


approx. 6 - 7 (10% form supplied in water) based on ISO 787 part 9
Surface tension

min. 50 mN/m (3% form supplied in water) based on DIN 53914)

approx. 60 g/l water
approx. 60 g/l diethylene glycol
approx. 60 g/l water/DEG (70/30)

approx. 3 based on DIN 54004, 0.7% form supplied in the ink, thermal inkjet printng
Main fields of application

Thermal inkjet printing, Piezo inkjet printing, Office supplies, Fine liner inks, register and other inks
Storage stability 60 months from delivery ex plant Lanxess AG, Germany
Special remarks

The dyestuff is supplied in a specially cleaned form with a low salt content.Corresponds to Type S 82.Does not contain any diluents or dedusting agents.
Safety data sheet

Information on handling and ecological and toxicological behaviour is contained in safety data sheet No. 139 843 for BAYSCRIPT® Yellow BR.
Product specification

Since products may be modified, we advise you to refer to the binding product specification which is available on request.