Microbicide, preservative, slimicide

Chemical Description Aqueous, formaldehyde-free formulation of various isothiazolinones
Ionicity Non-ionic
Active content Min. 1,5 % Isothiazolinones (HPLC)
Form supplied

Clear, yellow to green, almost odourless liquid
Density g/cm3 (20 °C)
pH value

(1,0 % in water)
(1,0 % in Wasser)
Viscosity mPa · s (20 °C)
Stability range pH (20 °C)

Solubility Miscible with water and lower alcohols.
Storage stability 12 months ex Lanxess works.
Avoid high temperatures (not above 40 °C).
Recommended for

12 months ex Lanxess works. PREVENTOL D 7 is sensitive to frost; avoid high temperatures (not above 40 °C).

Notes on safety: see safety data sheet No. 329049

PREVENTOL D 7 has a broad spectrum of activity, good water solubility and good biodegradability in the readyto- use concentration, making it a highly versatile preservative. The spectrum of activity of PREVENTOL D 7 covers bacteria, including formaldehyde-resistant types, mould fungi, yeasts and algae.

On account of its low viscosity, the preservative PREVENTOL D 7 can be processed either in undiluted form or diluted with water. The temperature should preferably not exceed 40°C.

PREVENTOL D 7 does not usually cause undesirable discoloration or other side effects. PREVENTOL D 7 is suitable for preserving products containing protein (e.g. casein). In view of the wide range of possible applications in practice, it is generally advisable to carry out preliminary trials to check the compatibility and determine the optimum concentration.


Guide values for additions in % (on total formulation)

Filler suspensions, pigment slurries 0.05-0.15
Starch slurries 0.10-0.30
Solutions and dispersions of
sizing agents and thickeners

Coating paints in the paper industry 0.10-0.25
Polymer dispersions 0.05-0.20