Levanyl Green G-LF(英)

Chemical composition
Aqueous phthalocyanine pigment preparation. Solvent free.
Pigment content
approx. 48 %

Dispersing agent nonionic

Form supplied

Free-flowing paste suitable for pumping and metering.
Shade tolerance (CIELAB) DE =< 1

Colour strength tolerance ± 5 %

pH (form supplied) approx. 7

Density approx. 1.3 g/cm3
Viscosity DIN 53019 =< 1000 mPa s (D = 70 s-1 / 23°C)

Main fields of application

Emulsion paints, water-thinnable coatings, emulsion coatings, aqueous inks for flexo and rotogravure printing, wallpaper colours, aqueous wood preservatives and wood stains, latex, office supplies, Indian ink, nonwovens, book spine, paper, chalks, tissue, cellophane, artificial leather (coagulation), soaps, detergents and cleaning agents, shoe polishes, dried and artificial flowers.
Storage stability

Information on storage stability is contained in the safety data sheet 147 587 for LEVANYL Green G-LF.
Notes on processing Always stir before use and close containers after use.
Notes on safety

Information on handling and ecological and toxicological behaviour is contained in the safety data sheet 147 587 for LEVANYL Green G -LF.
Product specification

Since products may be modified, we advise you to refer to the binding product specification which is available on request.