Nigrosin W liquid(英)

(Liquid form of Nigrosin WLF)

Chemical composition Sulphonated phenazine dyestuff

Form supplied Aqueous solution
Colour strength tolerance + 5 %

pH approx. 11 - 13, based on ISI 787 part 9
Dilution can be diluted with water and glycols

approx. 3 (on bleached cellulose) based on DIN 54 004
Resistance to frost

Below 0 °C the aqueous dyestuff solution freezes. The thawed solution can be used after stirring without loss of quality.
Main fields of application

Water-based inks, Indian links, aqueous wax emulsions for shoe polish, wood stains and water - soluble phenolic resins.
Storage stability 6 months from delivery ex plant Lanxess AG, Germany
Special data

< 0.2 % anilineThe colorant used conforms to the above Colour Index numberand is included in the German cosmetics legislation of December21, 1977 (13th decree of the Federal Ministry for Health, Youth,Women and Family Affairs amending the cosmetics legislation,March 21, 1998). Information on adherence to specific purity criteria is available on request.
Safety data sheet

Information on handling and ecological and toxicological behaviour is contained in safety data sheet No. 123 203 for Nigrosin W liquid.
Product specification

Since products may be modified, we advise you to refer to the binding product specification which is available on request.