Bayscript Black VPSP 20046

Colour Index


Part I

Part II

Chemical composition

Carbon Pigment

Form supplied

Aqueous pigment dispersion

Pigment content

approx. 25%


Water and anionic dispersing agents


dark black

Particle size


Less than 1 mm, mean value around 0.1 mm                        via disc centrifuge


approx. 5 - 7 (form supplied)


can be diluted with water in all portions, compatible with many glycols, polyglycols, 2-pyrrolidone


approx. 7 based on DIN 54004, thermal inkjet printing

Main fields of application

Thermal ink jet printing, Piezo inkjet printing, Office supplies, Fine liner inks

Storage stability

in progress

Safety data sheet

Information on handling and ecological and toxicological behaviour is contained in safety data sheet No. 160 591 for BAYSCRIPT Black VPSP 20046.

Product specification

Since products may be modified, we advise you to refer to the binding product specification which is available on request.

Notes on processing

Always stir before use and close containers after use. Start formulation with solvent, add pigment dispersion in last step.