Special Bottom 50 UD

Chemical description Aqueous polyurethane binder preparation,contains ethanediol.
Form supplied Liquid
Shade White dispersion
Density (acc. to DIN 51757) 1,1 g/cm3

Viscosity(acc. to DIN 53211) 10 - 20 s flow time at 23°C

pH(acc. to ISO 787 part 9) 8 - 10 (form supplied)

Concentration 38 - 42 %
Solubility in water At 15°C readily miscible with water

Solidification point from -10°C

Boiling point from 100°C
Odour Odourless
Main fields of application

Printing inks for laminated paper; also as binder for undercoats and effect paints; water-thinnable coats.
Storage stability 6 months ex delivery plant Lanxess AG at 0 - 40°C.
Heat-sensitivity from 40°C
Notes on safety

Information on handling and ecological and toxicological behaviour is contained in the safety data sheet 150 162 for Special Bottom 50 UD.
Product specification

Since products may be modified, we advise you to refer to the binding product specification which is available on request.